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Motiva® has developed a unique digital platform that guides you through every stage of your treatment: From choosing your desired shape and size to aftercare and everything in between.

Support at every step of the journey

Soft feel
Designed to feel part of yourself

Freedom of choice and carefreeness

Traditionally, breast augmentation is considered a lifelong decision. Some women want to wear implants all their lives, for others this is not the case. The producer has once again decided to challenge the usual approach by giving the patient more freedom of choice with the new Woman's Choice Program™, without leaving her with all the financial responsibility.

Next generation implants

Feel the difference of an implant that moves with you. Innovative techniques that improve ergonomics and provide an organic look, feel and movement.

New silicones

A new formula for improved ergonomics and haptics with optimised mechanical properties compared to other tested commercial implants.

New security barrier

"The Blue Implant". The only one of its kind with a visual safety barrier that achieves the lowest level of gel diffusion among the commercially available implants tested.

New structure

A proprietary multi-layer system that unifies the structure of the implant and allows it to flex and compress using MinimalScar®.

New surface

A uniform shell surface that increases biocompatibility.

New gel

A gel with unique rheological properties that adapts to change better than other silicone gels tested and mimics the movement of natural tissue.


All the information you need to know about the implants is securely stored using a battery-free and passive radio frequency identification device.

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