The new way of training

Targeted muscle building through electromagnetic stimulation guarantees a holistic 360° body shaping. This treatment triggers targeted muscle contractions that strengthen the muscles and define the body contours. This gives everyone the opportunity to tone their body without strenuous workouts, because just a few minutes have the same effect as 500 training sessions.


Targeted muscle building with quick success
Tightening the silhouette without a strenuous workout
Only 30 minutes of non-invasive treatment
Only 30 minutes of non-invasive treatment

How does the treatment work?

The treatment is always preceded by a detailed consultation. During the treatment you can sit back, relax and read a book, for example. After 30 minutes you will feel as if you have had an intensive workout. You may also feel sore muscles in the days that follow. But don't worry, this means you are building muscle mass and are one step closer to your goal!

For whom is it suitable?

This type of treatment can be claimed by everyone. It is suitable for men and women with a wide range of needs. Be it the desire for strengthened muscles in the buttocks, abdomen and thighs or simply for a taut silhouette. For athletic people, existing training results are further optimised, muscle mass is increased and fast, visible results are achieved.

500 training sessions in 30 minutes

Training has never been so easy: achieve your dream body without hours of sweaty training and feel good in your skin.

Effective and safe

With years of experience, we guarantee you a safe treatment, without any side effects or surprises.

Rapid success

The first results are already visible after 4 to six sessions with CRISTAL Fit®. Convince yourself and book your "workout" today!

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