Due to time, eating habits or other circumstances, fat deposits can form in various places which cannot be reduced by dieting or increased sporting activities.  Through special techniques and the most modern interventions, fat can be removed from various areas of your body (liposuction) and, after special treatment, reintroduced into other desired areas. This can be used for scar correction, but also for facial and breast treatment.

Lipofilling in conbination

Lipofilling can be combined with various other treatments and operations (breast, abdomen, face and hand, etc.) - an example of this is a breast lift with simultaneous suction of the e.g. abdomen/flanks/thighs and enlargement of the breast using the patient's own fat (lipofilling). This procedure can also be performed on an outpatient basis and under local anaesthesia.

Periorbital lipofilling

Periorbital lipofilling (eye area)

Full face lipofilling

Full face lipofilling (entire face)


Breast augmentation with autologous fat (lipoaugmentation)

Ageing hand

Lipofilling in the area of the hands (ageing hand)

Scar correction

Scar correction and correction of retractions using autologous fat

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