PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Autologous blood plasma or PRP Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a new treatment option in aesthetic medicine. Our blood consists of cellular components (haematocrit) and plasma. In our own specially prepared blood, we find various components of the blood platelets (thrombocytes), including a large number of growth factors.

Processed PRP (Plateled Riched Plasma) contains many more growth factors than normal blood. The activation of connective tissue cells (fibroblasts) is followed by an increased production of elastin and collagen. This highly enriched plasma concentrate is used for the regeneration of the addressed areas and is introduced by special techniques.

PRP therapy

Using the latest technology and a special centrifuge, your own blood is centrifuged for PRP therapy. In sports medicine, PRP has been used successfully for years to treat tendon injuries and chronic injuries. PRP is used with special care for the treatment and biostimulation of the addressed treatment zones of your body. It is therefore your body's own substances and with these the body's own regeneration mechanisms are activated. This treatment method has also been established for incipient hair loss.
The treatment is usually carried out three times at an interval of at least 2 weeks and is repeated again at a later time in order to achieve an optimal result.

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